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Welcome to Drink Great Beers! My goal is to make craft beers easily accessible whether you are making it yourself or tasting your way through the many existing styles out there. This site is meant to help those new to home brewing as well as those who have been doing it for years but want a one-stop-shop.


Like most college students, beer was introduced to me as a way to make parties more fun. The goal was to find the best beer on our budget. The advantage of living in Michigan was every 4th or 5th gathering was free (hooray deposits).

Once that was out of my system, I had to find a major…unfortunately, college student is not a lucrative

About Nate

career choice. After much, debate I decided engineering was the way to go. The only problem was I was at a liberal arts college that did not offer engineering.

So I moved to Colorado and realized that beer could be enjoyable. Well, at least the taste…being in a town with a couple breweries I was introduced to the awful smell of fermentation. How could something smell so bad and taste so good? It turns out that if you did not want barley and hop flavored water you needed fermentation.

After 8 years it was time to move to an actual career (remember, college student is NOT a career). So I found a chemical plant where I could ply my trade and make some actual money (Sidenote for those just starting out…apparently once you start a job you have to think about retirement…who knew).

Well, needless to say, beer options were not what I remembered in college. The same beers I loved at school tasted different when they had been sitting in bottles being shipped. How did I solve my dilemma? I began brewing my own beer! The taste I remembered (outside of a few learnings) was back.

After a while, kits began to lose their fun. I enjoyed the beer, but wanted to make my own twist on my favorite recipes. So it was time to start all-grain brewing. I was so excited…but there was one problem…

Where Do I Start?

The first thing I learned was that college taught me how to proficiently search the internet for answers. Turns out, there are a TON of places to get what I needed to make my own craft beer. I began to question the cost of everything (so many options…am I buying from the right site?) so my brewing slowed down.

What I really wanted was one place to compare prices, ideas, and options to create the best beers that I could drink. Well, if you have read this far, you have got my story and either can relate or are waiting for the part where I show how I can help the experienced brewers…

Why Have You Kept Reading?

Well, at this point I can assume you REALLY want some quality craft beer to drink. This website should help you find the equipment and ingredients needed to make your own beer. For those that haven’t found the kind they like, there are options to find one you do.

My goal is to give you the options, side-by-side, to find your next beer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



Founder of Drink Great Beer





Sidenote: If you made it this far and have enjoyed the website, learn how to make your own. Great training and enough support to keep you going.

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