Beervana – Why You Are Here

Here at Drink Great Beers, my focus is helping you reach Beervana… As in you being able to enjoyBeervana the highest quality beer whenever you decide to have one.

Although this website is focused on home brewing beer, it will also contain information for those that just want to enjoy some craft beers. Either way, your beer questions will be answered here.

Let’s go through the menus you will see at the top of the page.

New Brewers Menu

Whether you have never brewed or are still making recipe kits (like me), this menu will give some of the helpful pointers that I wish I had known. I have spent about 10 years brewing so I have learned many things that I want to share.

My goal here is to give you the necessary information to start brewing beer. If you already brew, then please add some comments to the articles. I want this to be a place where information can be shared.

Experienced Brewers Menu

Now this gets a little more detailed. As an engineer, I tend to be over analytical and want to know the detail. This will pretty much document my journey to all-grain brewing. As I research the different aspects (hops, grains, equipment, etc.), I will add it here.

If you are an experienced brewer doing all-grain then by all means, add to the comments. You can also email me any useful information or books that will help me get there… yes, I already have How To Brew.

Reviews Menu

This will be a catch all of the things I have tried. My goal here is to give you as much information as possible to help you make your beer drinking and brewing decisions.

Whereas the first two menus are based around home brewing beer, this one will have a bit of everything. I will let you know how my experience went at certain breweries that I visit, describe the pros and cons of different beer brewing equipment, and anything else craft beer and home brewing related that I can find.

If you want me to look into something, email me at and I will be happy to look into it.

Beer Drinkers

Seems relatively straight forward right? Well, here is where I will tell you more about beer. From ways to get beer to breaking down the different beer styles.

Beer usually comes down to a personal preference…everyone has their own view of what a good beer is. If I do describe a beer, my only recommendation is that you try it out and let me know if I was close or if you have a different idea. The more opinions the better for people to read.

Why This Website???

Chances are you are here because you enjoy craft beer. For this reason, we are much the same. I want to inform as many people about the joys of beer and why I prefer to sip on a cold beer over a glass of wine any day.

Plus, I can’t write about home brewing beer without doing it myself. This website is a good excuse to start all-grain brewing.