Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting

As I travel around, I will periodically stop for brewery tours and beer tastings. Given that I am located in the Midwest United States, the majority of my travels will be documented there.Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting

Each brewery will be rated out of 5 mugs with 5 being the best. Click through the links below for some of the breweries I have tried. The lists below will be on my beer tour bucket list, but if you have been to a brewery and would like to add your comments please email me.

The Breweries – Some That I Want To Try

So I am based near Chicago so many of my breweries will be located around there. I will also add some of the breweries that I will try and get to. If you have some recommendations or want to offer a review please email me ( and I will get it posted here.


  • Goose Island (Chicago)
  • Lagunitas (Chicago)


  • 3 Floyds (Munster) – I highly recommend this one for the tour, food, and ambiance of the brewpub. The beer wasn’t my favorite, but that is a matter of taste. They 100% deliver on what they describe for their beers. I will go back and find my go-to 3 Floyds (currently Gumballhead).


  • Atlantic (Bar Harbor)


  • Greenbush (Sawyer)

The List Will Grow

As I travel around, I will add more. Predominately, I spend most of my time around Chicago so you will see many breweries there. The more I travel, the more I will review.

If you would like to add a review of a brewery you have been to or want to recommend one for me to try then let me know. You can reach me through any of the social media links on this page, or email at


Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting