What Are The Different Types of Beer – Guidelines

I started this post to help explain each of the different types of beer available. What I quickly realized is there are a Find different types of beerbunch of them and I decided not to turn this into a dissertation about the types of beer. In lieu of describing each beer, I will put the beers I make in their respective sections and let you know how they turned out.

If you really want to read all the different types of beer, keep scrolling and I will link you to some of the better sites I have found.

Learn the Words – Definitions

First, as I describe a beer I will use some acronyms. I have pulled out a couple of the useful ones from my post with all definitions to help you go through this list in more detail.

International Bitterness Unit (IBU) – A measure of how bitter your beer will be. Low numbers are the least bitter.

Standard Reference Method (SRM) – The measure of color of the beer. Ranges from 2 (light) to 50 (dark).

What Are The Different Types of Beer? – Ale

Ales are typically defined by yeast that “top” ferments at higher temperatures (60-75 F). Top fermentation means the active yeast is usually found at the top of the fermenter and settles to the bottom as it is used up. These will tend to produce more esters and give your beer a more fruity and floral aroma.

Beers I have made (or will make)

Brewcraft USA – Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal StoutSo many options

  • IBU: 62
  • SRM: 50
  • Status: This one is on its way as of February 15th. I will update you as I brew.

BrewDemon – Twisted Monk Witbier

  • IBU: 16
  • SRM: 8
  • Status: This one is also on its way as of February 15th. I will update you as it ferments.

Most people will think of pale ales and IPAs when they think of ales. There are many different types of beers that classify as ales and you can find the links below.

What Are The Different Types of Beer? – Lagers

Lagers are fermented cold with a bottom fermenting yeast. They tend to work slower and fermentation takes longer. The will produce less of the esters and bring out the hops and malt flavors.

Beers I have made (or will make)

Brewcraft USA – Rogue Dead Guy (German Maibock)

Now you are probably wondering why I only have a couple of beers listed here. That is because there are plenty of resources available that I will point you to.

Resources for the Different Types of Beers

As I stated earlier, there are resources out there to help guide you. Here are a few helpful ones if you are looking to try a beer for the first time or looking for your next one to brew.

Where to find informationCraftbeer.com has a good list of 75 or so different types of beer. They give a good description of the different aromas and flavors and some examples you can get commercially.

If you are really looking for a larger list, the Brewers Association has a list of over 150 different types of beer. Here is their 2018 version, but they will update it annually so check back.

Beer advocate is another pretty good option if you want a list of the beers in a specific category. They also have rankings from the many members that have tried them.

Now You Know…

So there is the answer to what are the different types of beer. The list is long, but you should be able to find something you like. There are plenty of options if you want to brew them or you can find them wherever you get beer.

If you have any questions, comment below or email me at nate@drinkgreatbeers.com.


What are the different types of beer

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