Brewers Best Home Brew Kits For Beginners – My Top 5

Now comes the most exciting time. You are ready to make a batch of beer that you can call your own, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. When you are new to brewing, it is best to begin with home brew kits for beginners with my preference being Brewers Best home brew kits. Even if you aren’t new to brewing, sometimes it is just easier to have all the ingredients packaged up for you.

There are many options out there, but I will give details on some batches that I made. Any difficulty I had and how the beer turned out.

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Top 5 Brewers Best Home Brew Kits – Dunkelweizen

Here is where I caution that even if it is your favorite does not mean you should start out with it. I have brewed this one twice, but only because the first time was an epic failure.Exploding Fermenter - Brewers best home brew kits dunkelweizen

Why it Failed: Well, I lived in Texas and decided to make this in August. I had a room with a window air conditioner that I was sure would keep my fermenter between 64 F and 72 F (18 C and 22 C). Well, it didn’t and the results were explosive…like beer on the wall and ceiling and fermenter lid on the floor. It wound up foaming during fermentation and plugging the air lock.

Second Try: This time I had a converted freezer (installed a temperature controller) set to 68 F (20 C). The fermentation went as planned.

My Review: I give this one 5 out of 5 mugs. Maybe I am biased, but it tasted exactly like I remembered from my trip to Germany. This is one of my favorite Brewers Best home brew kits.

Top 5 Brewers Best Home Brew Kits – Milk Stout

A good stout is one of my favorite drinks on a cold winter day. So I set out to make one for my first batch at the recommendation of the local home brew store clerk. Although the temperature requirement is the same as the Dunkelweizen, I had better luck controlling the temperature…in my coat closet in an apartment.

Brewers best home brew kits milk stoutWhy it Failed: In my bottling post I mentioned taste testing your beer. This is where I learned it helps with troubleshooting. I went through the normal brew process and fermentation. It was finally bottling day and I wanted to preview the beer so I put some in a glass to drink while I bottled. It tasted great!!! Fast forward 2 weeks and I pull my first bottle of home brew out of the fridge to enjoy with some pizza…and, first sip tasted great…until the aftertaste. It was a bitter and familiar taste that brought back childhood memories. So I began to think…and I remembered washing my bottles with some dish soap before sterilizing them. It was then I learned that I needed the right kind of soap if I was going to wash them.

My Review: I give this one 5 out of 5 beer mugs (soap taste is on me). It was smooth and filling exactly like I wanted.

Top 5 Brewers Best Home Brew Kits – Belgian Tripel

One nice thing about living in Texas (I have since moved North) was fall and winter temperatures. I had season tickets to the Houston Texans with some friends and we tailgated every home game. After a while, we Brewers Best home brew kits belgian trippelfound the restriction of buying only canned beer to be limiting our enjoyment (we always paired our food with the beer). I began brewing (and kegging, but that is down the road if you are new) a batch for each game.

The brewing and fermentation process went exactly to plan. I taste tested before bottling and noted that it was a REALLY smooth beer so I was even more excited. I filled my keg and carbonated the beer and it was time for the game…

Why it Failed: Actually, this one didn’t. It was exactly what I would have expected and then some. If I had any issue, it was the fact that we missed the game…apparently it was smooth enough to ignore the 9% alcohol content and we all had too much fun!

My Review: Another 5 out of 5 mug beer. This one would be good for a warm summer day, but be careful because it will sneak up on you in a hurry. If you are looking for a strong but smooth beer this is one of the best Brewers Best home brew kits.

Top 5 Brewers Best Home Brew Kits – Lemon Shandy

Nothing goes better after doing yard work than a nice, cold shandy. The lemon makes me feel like I am drinking lemonade, but the shandy is there to keep it beer (don’t judge). As is the case with most of my home brew beer choices, I had been spending enough at the grocery store I decided to make a batch at home.

Why it Failed: It didn’t as far as the brewing process goes. It was more a case of not tasting as I expected.

My Review: This one only gets 4 out of 5 mugs. It was a little heavy on the lemon and light on the shandy for my liking. Still hit the spot on a hot summer day, but I would want to cut back the lemon if I make it again (working on a grapefruit shandy this summer). Not one of my favorite Brewers Best home brew kits, but still better than buying beer at the store.

Top 5 Brewers Best Home Brew Kits – American Amber 

Amber beers were plentiful around college because of the brewery across the road. I thoroughly enjoyed Brewers Best home brew kits amber alethem and decided to take a shot at making one. Everything went according to plan so I was excited to get to the end.

Why it Failed: It didn’t. It turned out really well

My Review: 4 out of 5 mugs. It tasted EXACTLY like the amber beer I enjoyed in college. So why not 5 mugs you ask… I guess I was hoping for some improvements like I saw in the ones above. Still, one of the great Brewers Best home brew kits.

Now You Are Ready – Unless You Don’t Like The Options

Those are the top 5 home brew kits I have made so far. Brewing is usually a matter of preference, but I was trying to keep the fermentation temperature at 64 F to 72 F. If you are planning to ferment in your house or apartment, you want the fermentation temperature as close to what you keep the house at as possible. When you try one of the above recipes, comment on the results below for everyone to see.

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