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If you are a craft beer lover, you have come to the right place. My goal is to give you the tools and information to help you learn how to brew beer. In two simple steps you can become a home brewer.

  1. Learn everything you can to help you pick where to start
  2. Buy the equipment and recipe and make the batch

Sounds simple? It is a little more involved than that. This website is serves brewers of all levels, but for simplification:

  • Experienced Brewers – Look through the different menus (top of the page) or the site and find whatever you are looking for
  • Prospective Brewers – Follow through the links starting on this page. By the time you are done you will be enjoying your first batch of home brewed beer.

Before You Start – How To Accomplish Step 1

The hardest part for me when starting was to learn the different words used in recipes and online. What seems logical to anyone who has brewed beer could send a prospective brewer running to the Ready Set Go!!! - learn how to brewstore for more craft beers. For a summary of terms used in brewing, review is Home Brew Basics – What Is That?

The terms will be updated periodically so check back during your journey to becoming a brewer. If you come across a term you haven’t heard, let me know and I will add it to the list.

Now that you have learned the terms, you next want to know what options are out there for brewing. Each batch of beer will be like following a cooking recipe. You need to decide if you want the microwave TV dinner or the 5-course meal. There are four different types of brew kits available to you. Read the post Get Started Brewing Beer – Recipe Types

Still unsure where you want to begin? At this point you are probably fighting with your confidence on the recipe type you are going to start with. The final task to finish Step 1 (Learn everything) is to use more measurable ways to decide your starting point. Learn how your budget and living spaces will decide where you start (or just start at the simplest kits and work up as you build confidence. How To Start Brewing Beer at Home

Congratulations!!! You have now learned as much as you can without making a batch.

Ready To Brew – How To Accomplish Step 2

You have learned what you can and now it is time to walk through the important decisions. Regardless of where you are starting, you will need to buy equipment. Read over Home Beer Brewing Equipment – Get Started to find the equipment you need to shop for.

How to Brew this beerSo you have decided on equipment and you are ready to pick an ingredient kit. Most will start by making their favorite type of craft beer, but there is more to deciding than that. I have gone through and reviewed the instructions for most types of beer. What are The Different Types of Beer will guide you through the description of the type along with some considerations you should take before starting.

You are now ready to go…equipment and ingredient kit have been purchased. You read over the recipe and are ready to begin. If you want a quick picture of what is coming, Home Brewing Beer – From 50,000 ft will give you an overview of the brewing process.

Are you still ready to go? I sure hope so since you have bought everything. Let’s get started, the first step of every batch will be to sanitize EVERYTHING. Well, this is the most important step in your batch of beer. Sanitize Beer Equipment will cover the importance of santization.

Once everything is clean and sanitized, it is time to make your beer. Brew day is both the most exciting and longest day of the process. For what to expect during your brew day, read Make Home Brew Beer.

Ahh…the batch is done and sitting in the fermenter. Now your wort is becoming beer! To understand what is happening, read the post Fermentation Process for Beer. That explains the reason everything was sanitized and how temperature is the most important variable.

Your fermentation is done, sample the good and flat beer that you have produced. As you are starting out you will be bottling your beer. The actual process is tedious and time-consuming, but well worth it. To better understand take your down time during fermentation to review Bottling Home Brew Beer.

You have now made your first batch of home brewed beer. Enjoy!

Product Reviews – More Info To Help

The better help your decisions, I will review some products available to home brewers and beer lovers. There are three different areas of reviews so you can make your selections:

  • Home Beer Brewing Kit Reviews – A review of the ingredient kits available to home brewers. I will add reviews as I test out new recipes.5 Mug Rating - How To Brew
  • Brewing Equipment Reviews – I will dig into the different equipment available. In order to save you money, I will clearly explain which recipe type you need the piece of equipment for.
  • Beer Drinking Accessories – A review of products to help you enjoy craft beer. Even if you are not a brewer, there will be something for you to find here.

Cheers to Beers – Start Enjoying Great Beers

My hope is that this website has helped motivate you to brew your own beer. If nothing else, the product reviews will help you to better enjoy your craft beer.

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